TIP OF THE DAY: Couple Care

When one half of a couple is likely to be declined for LTCI, I address the unhealthy one first. I explain how a medically underwritten immediate annuity can provide a life income much less expensively when life expectancy is less than “average.” The healthy one then easily agrees to buy LTCI leaving the nest egg for the unhealthy one to use. This results in future sales, as well as the medically underwritten annuity when the unhealthy one does need care.

What are your prospects really saying?


Five minutes. You wouldn’t think it would be difficult to misconstrue those two simple words. However, after many years of marriage, I can assure you that it has two entirely different meanings for my husband and me. To me, it’s about five minutes, give or take a few. To my husband, it’s exactly five minutes. On the dot. Not one second later. (I drive him crazy.) Continue reading

7 Key Steps to Email Marketing Success


Online marketers seldom seem to find time for considering the long-term view. With the email marketing industry getting more and more competitive, the dire need of the time is concentrate on the long-term strategies, rather than just focusing on the ‘here and now’. To make the email marketing program successful and boost the sales figure, marketers need to emphasize on strategies that guarantee long term success. Here are 7 essential steps to email marketing success. Continue reading